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Fabrizio Salomone is a creepy italian pervert who harasses young girls in chat and spies women in bathrooms

Fabrizio Salomone is a weirdo looking mongoloid who has porn and videogames addictions. He installed spy cameras in women’s restrooms of north italian restaurants. He shows his disgusting body in chat and social medias to satisfy his sick perverted fantasies. He is a maniac who indecently exposes himself to women in public places, a woman witnessed this disgusting pervert carrying out a sick act in a public area in North Italy with teenagers around!! He also harasses young girls by sending to them photos of him naked via chat and social medias.
Fabrizio Salomone is a creepy italian pervert, sex offender, maniac, predator, stalker, sociopath, porn addict, mongoloid with several mental disorders.
Beware of this fucking loser! I denounce and ruin Fabrizio Salomone

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