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Extremely selfish mother Fucker- Minki Kwak – familiar to lie and cheating

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This scum name Brian Minki kwak has a Korean old wive and lives in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ currently. This scumbag is obscene and shameless Player husband. He never open his marriage and lie divorced even he married already in 2005 year. Over 15 yrs !! He still pretend single to cheat other women around for Sex in workplace. This Scum is extremely SELFISH for cheating other emotions.

His obscene face just like his bad behavior. He lies often, almost everything from the beginning. This scum is terrible husband. He use women for all benefits, never pay money and cheating, even including his US citizenship from his older wive. He cheat Love in order to not back to Korea for providing military service. He told other women that he has no wive !!

This mother fucker is „Scum of the Earth“ ! Real Mother Fucker. See the scum face and share this information to all in the state !!

This scum is pollution in United States. Pollution of the world. How this mother fucker existing in his fucking company and not be Fire !!!

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