Complaint Against Cheaters

Expose cheater – STD – Brian Minki kwak

This scum pretends single cheat on wife, also cheat other females love and sex relationships. Target colleagues to cheat for benefits. He works at Aden and anais. This scum lie divorced, but he lives with his old Korean wife Jung Eun at 24 Kiwanis dr, Wayne, NJ. He call his wife to his aunt in front of his girlfriend.

The cheapest part is his greedy. He never pay back money after he asked colleagues help him to buy his dead stuffs He also use suppliers to make gift for shiny his boss’s shoes. Not use a dollar to buy a fucking gift to shine his boss‘s Asshole.

This cheater is cheapest scum. Cheat sex and money and benefits. Chest his wife US citizenship. But Betrayed her .

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