Expose cheap cheater and liar scum – Brian Minki kwak

This Korean scum call Brian Minki kwak. He has a wive and lives in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ together. This scum is obscene shameless Player husband. He never open his marriage and lie divorced, pretend single to cheat other females in workplace. Target colleagues or vendors so far. He flirts around with females colleagues and pretends interested on them for cheating relationships and benefits. This stupid scum cheating behavior in workplace was exposed. He works at Aden and anais currently. This scum is definitely liar and cheater.

His ugly fox face just like his bad cheating behavior. He fabricated different stories to run away immediately after he got fuck relationships with females. This scum said his wife infertility even married him over 15 years. On the other hand, he sleeps with other females by Pretends single cheating relationships. He is Very cheap.

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