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Eva-Lou — Miss-Eva Downclown Junkie Slore

Eva-Lou — Miss-Eva Downclown Junkie Slore

Eva-Lou — Miss-Eva Downclown Junkie Slore.Meet little miss Eva-Lou, she’s a kicked in, stupid miserable, trashy slore with absolutely zero respect for herself. I’m not even talking sh!t either, this all FACTS theres many witnesses to prove …She got paid 3 points (that she split with the guy who set it all up) to give someone a BJ (the __of spades) in the bathroom of a motel room …Her poor boyfriend. I don’t know why he stays with her. She’s so miserable, pretty much treats him like her errand boy, cheats on him all the time with every and any dealer that will let her suk his d1ck for a point, She treats her friends like garbage and just blames it on BPD. If she’s in a bad mood, every one else in her house is in a bad mood too … She has a crappy attitude, her personality is sh1t, & her garbage mess of a house,she barely makes rent because she spends it all 20 bucks at a time all day on down. & You know what the worst part of it is ?, She used to be such a cool chick!! Everyone loved being around her. Now nobody can even stand her anymore… It’s a shame what drugs can do to a person I guess.

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