Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Kingston

Emma Lenti — Cheater Pepsihead Crackhead

Emma Lenti — Cheater Pepsihead Crackhead

She will play multiple people at the same time she will use you for any drugs she can get and food, she lacks any honestly and will tell you bullsht stories to enthrall you in her. She will act like your the best person ever will lie and say she misses you then go and party with a bunch of crackheads at a hotel even though she should be social distancing, spreading that Hoevid-19. will do Mdma with you then leave once its all gone and fck a bunch of other dudes and then say she’s hanging out with her dad……..all she cares about is drugs, sex, and money…….unless she is messaging you every 5 minutes then trust me she is lying and not interested.

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