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Emily Plain — Low Income Bum

Emily Plain — Low Income Bum

 This is Emily plain she talks on the daily to her family how she wants a baby and how she desperately wants it with keegan Moore, when word was out that Keegan was having a baby with chayna, she got pissed ever since then she’s been obsessing to her family about it,. during that she’s been with dawn mansi, little does her girlfriend know but the time Emily went to Canada’s wonderland she met with Keegan Moore n fuked well her girlfriend went to ever after, plans were being made Way before as Keegan lived next to her girlfriends mother they would even meet at stores or he would go to the house when her girlfriend wasn’t home getting her girlfriend niece to lie for her all the time. She cry’s to all her family how she’s not even lesbian she’s just scared to be alone, not only that she talks about no future plans to them about her girlfriend as they cant even have their own baby. Sad girl with low income only been using her girlfriend to just live off of. She uses someone she’s doesn’t like just to get by and cry’s to her family about it, Emily said as soon as her girlfriend helps get her car working and paid for she’s going back to Keegan as she’ll feel she’ll have more in common him then a low life with nothing. Oh boy

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