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Elizabeth (Lizzy) Clopper, The Pyschopath Floozy Of Chambersburg

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Clopper The Pyschopath Floozy Of Chambersburg

Elizabeth Clopper aka Lizzy, is a 34 year old psychopath. No, really, she’s been diagnosed with all sorts of personality disorders and has been committed multiple times. She is known as “Crazy Liz” here in town and has slept with just about any man in town that will have her.

Before you contact this crazy b*tch for an easy romp, be forewarned, Liz has multiple DRD’s and I have the doctors notes to prove it. Liz has also in addicted to prescription painkillers, and in the past this included Fentanyl.

Liz is a 34 year old psycho floozy that still lives in her mother’s attic. Despite her constant lies of having multiple masters degrees in various medical fields and attending several Ivy league schools (including Harvard), the reality is that this is nothing but a complete fabrication. Liz’s highest form of education is her GED and hasn’t had a job in years. Student and job records can verify this. Lying about being a medical professional that attended Harvard only adds to her craziness.

Because of these lies, she is currently being looked into for fraud. The schools she HAS attempted to attend since receiving her GED, she was kicked out of, either for failing her courses, or, being removed by campus police for threatening herself and or others. Dont let Liz’s online persona fool you. She’s a dirty, Haggard nobody, addicted to pain killers. She lost custody of her child because of her severe instability and insane demeanor. She’s a floozy with absolutely no real friends, even her family hates her. If you cross her, Liz wont hesitate to make false rape or abuse claims. Be warned, crazy wrinkled Liz, may be your next victim.

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