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Elishia Sanche — The Dirtest Of The Dirty

Elishia Sanche — The Dirtest Of The Dirty

Elishia Sanche is the scvm of the earth. This wierdo looking mongoloid looking b1tch is a weak lol no stamina uncoordinated meth head. She just steals from good people to feed her drug addictions. She once would have been normal and tolerable however she continues to portray herself as a beauty but shes a stench ass nukkahead Meth addicted all talk beeker. Beekiest geekiest loser lady ever.she needs to stop worrieing about gettting high and start looking after her kid and stop sleeping with my bf she all ready gave him drd and dont even care as long as the dirty pig is getting layed she leaves her son in the car well she comes into my home and sleeps with my bf she is useless and stinks and all she dose is quilt people into feeling bad for her and just feeds people lies ..she dose not desever to have her sweet son but she keeps him because of the money and that it she is a waste of space and she loves to tell everyone she is goi g to hurt her self so she gets what she wants maybee wewill all get lucky and shewill choke ona di** and do everyone a big favor.

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Cody don June 25, 2020 at 3:39 pm

Shes a dirty lieing pig all she dose is sleep around and break up familys just cause she cant stop cheating she blames everyone else but yet shes the one that cant keep her dirty nasty legs closed anything to get high well maybe she should watch her kid and stop drinking and driveing with him in the car …and she should probly stop telling people her dad use to beat her so they feel bad for her she notjing but a joke and a lier


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