Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Regina

Eldon Cyr — Freeloading Pepsi Junkie

Eldon Cyr — Freeloading Pepsi Junkie

Alright Nick, here is some news about th1s guy he th1nks he’s a b1g hot shot around Regina the only th1ng hot about him is the Drd he has! He is a total psycho and from what I hear a woman abuser as well, reason h1s ex g1rlfriend took her own life because of h1m. He goes around begging everyone for pepsi or crack, all the smoking he does he looks l1ke walk1ng DRD and he moooches off everyone for money or alcohol and never pays back. I feel sorry for his g1rlfriend because I partied with him a few times and he was all up on different girls each time. He probably doesn’t even know he has the Drd junk1e better go get checked, Or whoever messes with h1m should as well.

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