Edward Lloyd Beaver from Arizona is a cyber bully

Edward Lloyd Beaver from Arizona is a cyber bully

Edward Lloyd beaver of Mesa Arizona or Tucson Arizona is a cyber bully he blackmails underage girls and exposes there personal information he also bullied Tristan Blaine Fussell aka Blaine Foxx to the point where he became suicidal please spread the word so no more harm can come from him, he is in the military and was an Air Force pilot his current job description says he’s a 15F aircraft electrician at US army he is dating some girl named hailey kotkin. His Instagram and other social media’s username is imusttard his bio is YouTuber that got popular cuz his content was unimaginably garbage and ironically good. Let’s stop this monster foxx fam!

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No Pedocreeps March 10, 2021 at 8:21 pm

He’s lying. This creep is no pilot. He would be older than what he is. He should not be going after minors! It’s against the law. Turn that pedophile into the police. If he really is in the Army, turn him into his command, and let his commanding officer deal with the rotten scumbag.


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