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Edouard (Eddie) Noel Etifier — Eddie Etifier Scams, Robs, Cheats And Steals His Way Around Penticton For Decades!

Edouard (Eddie) Noel Etifier — Eddie Etifier Scams Robs Cheats And Steals His Way Around Penticton For Decades!

Everyone in the South Okanagan needs to be well aware of this Edouard Noel Etifier f&#ktard! “Eddie” as he’s known, has lived in Penticton most of his life and scams, lies, cheats, robs and steals his way through his so called life. His current crime of choice is robbery and a whole slew of charges that go along with it, you can check the Online B.C. Court Search for yourself, it’s all there in black and white, just search out his name. He’s well known in the Penticton area not for good things, but for everything you can think of that’s bad, illegal, shady or all of the above. Shoplifting is one of his main pastimes, store employees are very aware of this guy in the community. When confronted with his lies, cheats and scams directly he attempts to lie his way out of things, sometimes rather effectively, but that’s only due to the many stupid people in Penticton that fall for his excuses and lies. He thinks he’s soooo cunning and smart with his “my twin brother must have done it” excuse, or when he pretends to know absolutely nothing about what you’re accusing him of and puts on a stone face of denial that’d make even a seasoned criminal profiler or investigator begin to wonder and question things, let’s take this away from him people, o.k.? Now that you’ve read this you can go into situations with him strong in your convictions and not let him play the “duhhh i dunno, i don’t know what you mean or what you’re talking about uhm derrrrrrrrrr” card! Eddie (Edouard) Noel Etifier, you deserve to be on thedirty, it’s just too bad that isn’t a to put your scamming, lying and stealing a55 on!

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