Easy Amberr Lynn Danker Matthews) Child Abuser, Homewrecker, Theif, Crackhead

Easy Amber or Amber Skanker is her most popular nicknames. She started sleeping with my friends fiance and childs father in Novemeber of 2021. She plotted with Kylie Logan to set them up and take everything he has. He actually is getting what he deserves because he cheated, beat the hell out of my friend pregnant, stole from her and slandered her like it paid him to do it. He is a entitled brat that cant even fill up his own gas tank so she figured out quickly he wasnt who he acted like he was. She slept with my friends fiance through her entire pregnancy. Shes very very proud of this. She is a crap mom. She dropped off her children the first week of June 2022 and still has not checked on them. She only contacts her ex that she is still married to and refuses to divorce to beg for him back. She contantly stalks his new girlfriend as well. Never ask how her children are. Her and Couper Edwards have been hiding in Missouri selling and doing heavy amounts of MDMA and Meth. They are both running from getting served. When she dropped them off in June both girls had BEDBUGS, LICE, PINWORMS and RINGWORM. HER TWINS HAD 4 PARASITES.The show signs of sexual and physical abuse now and abandonment. That means she dumped them somewhere to do drugs. She has another child with another man she dropped off at her grandmas 6 months ago and has not checked on. She begs her ex for money and claims he also beat her several times and uses a fake domestic abuse story for sympathy. When in all reality she cheated heavily and slept with taken men and boast about it. \She has set up several donation site begging for money claiming she is in a battered womans shelter and has her kids with her. Shes asking for a total of 50k. She has embezzeled from 2 businesses in Grove Oklahoma and set up a fake house cleaning business so she can go in and rob homes. Easy Amber is also on Craigslist as a prostitute. She claims she is 5’6 120lbs. Now thats FUNNY. She has no car and no job that doesnt require screwing someone for money or getting someone high. She thinks shes so cool because she has kept Couper so high that he has not met his 4 month old son. He didnt even come to his birth because he was doing meth with him and begged him not to go. She thinks child abandonment is so cool. Shes super proud. She is also caught on servailence sleeping with 3 other men after Couper leaves her house. All of her neighbors absolutely hate her and talk about how she brags about using Couper for money. That they are going to get married and shes taking everything he has. She doesnt care about him but hes not a good person either. They are getting all the bad things they did to people done right back to them. Easy Amber, Amber Stanker is the biggest skank at Grand Lake and anyone can get some. Filthy loser trash whale is exactly who she is.

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