Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Penticton

Dylan Moorman — Pentictons Biggest Mooch And Scvm

Dylan Moorman — Pentictons Biggest Mooch And Scvm

Dylan Moorman — Pentictons Biggest Mooch And Scvm. Act now if you wanna get screwed over!!! Just become friends with this loser and it will happen in no time. Wanna lose some money? This pepsi head will steal tons of money and ask to borrow but will never get it back. He also likes to lie about anything he’s held accountable for. This lowlife of a person still lives with mommy and daddy at 23 because no one wants to be roomies with him because all he does is mooch off of you. Keeping in mind he WILL go after your ex lady. Every single one of them. As soon as he sees a chance to try he will go for her but never really succeeds. HE LIKES YOUNGER GIRLS. No girl his age wants anything to do with him so this 23 year old will go after 15-17 year old vulnerable highschool girls. He’s a cheater and is the most unloyal person. Dare you try to hold him accountable for anything and he has a freakout as if he’s 10 years old. Snot coming out of his nose spit flying everywhere crying he’s so angry. Last but not least this idiot thinks he’s phenomenal at singing and guitar but from other peoples experiences it sounds like he makes everyones ear drums bleed. YUCK.

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