Dregs of the state- married Cheater- Korean scum- STD Brian Minki Kwak

This scum is Brian Minki kwak has a Korea wive call Jung Eun and lives in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ. This married scum is obscene shameless Player husband. He pretends single so far or lies divorced, target his females colleagues around or other workplace. He fabricate different stories cheat on females love relationship and emotions for SEX. This scum speaks with forked tongue. He pretends like you very much, but he only want to fuck.

He works at Aden and anais, a baby company! He pretends nothing happens and no recognition anymore after he got fuck with these females. His Penis is quite short as his face.

His ugly face just like his bad cheating behavior. He lies. This scum is terrible husband. He use women for all benefits, he said his wive is infertility. On the other hands, he brought a house and share mortgage with his so call Ex- wife, in front of people, but he still fuck with others women . This fucking Korean scum is Dregs of the state.

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