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Detroit’s “HAUTE MESSS” Is For Real A MESS

Detroit’s “HAUTE MESSS” Is For Real A MESS

Ok Nik, this chic Kate Lazarski goes by Haute Messs on instagram and claims to be the “influencer” of Detroit. She looks like half pig half gopher, sleeps with old married men for money, has a secret boyfriend and is thirsty like no other. She basically sells herself out for free food/coffee/drinks/clothes just to post on Instagram, when in reality she knows nothing about Detroit and wouldn’t last a minute in the REAL streets of Detroit.

She is the walking definition of everything that is going wrong in the revitalization of Detroit and represents GENTRIFICATION to the fullest. She spends her day trolling Insta trying to convince everyone she’s a blogger when all she wants is free sh*t. She also forgets from time to time to buy likes on her pics, which is laughable considering you have 11k followers but only 50-100 likes? HAHA. So Nik, would you do this broad?

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