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Denver Cannon Home Wrecking SLORE

Denver Cannon Home Wrecking SLORE

Denver Cannon Home Wrecking SLORE. Denver Cannon is a disgusting piece of sh1t that lives on the gold coast, australia. She ruined my relationship because she’s nothing but a c0ck hungry sloot who will take any d1ck that has a celebrity attached to it. I was in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for 9 months before Denver Cannon decided that her selfish a55 wanted to ruin my life. After sending pictures of her p**sy several times to my man, and him telling her to piss off, she stalked him on instagram and found out what party he was at. When I went to pick him up that night I found her, my man and another dude all in bed together. She had both their c0cks in her mouth at the whole time, and when she saw me, she just laughed. SHE IS AN EVIL HUMAN BEING. NEVER LET HER NEAR YOUR MAN.

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