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Denver Cannon, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Denver Cannon Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Denver Cannon, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Denver Cannon is a cheating wh**e! EVERYBODY needs to know that she is just trying to sleep her way to the top, to be famous like her sister. She told me she loved me, used me for my money and as soon as she had the chance, cheated on me. I found out from her friend that she was sleeping with one of those local “D-Grade” celebrities and when I confronted her about it she LAUGHED AT ME and said “honey you’re just a rung on the ladder”. WTF, how is someone so fuking twisted? And now she calls herself an INSTRAGRAM INFLUENCER!? She’s a lowlife, disgusting s**t who just uses people for her own goals. Here you go you filthy piece of s*** let me promote your Instagram for you! [REDACTED] if anyone wants to see this excuse of a human being first-hand! PS: If she is such an “influencer”, ask her to post a selfie without make-up or editing! Look at the scarred battleground that is her face, matches her soulless personality! NEVER TRUST HER.

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