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Deanna Root Former Austin Stripper Moved To Seattle To Try An Escape Her Reputation

Nik, Deeana M Root likes to pretend that she is some Apple big shot. What Deeana Root fails to mention in her resumes is that she used to be a stripper at Yellow Rose in Austin, Texas and a club called Joy (now Rick’s). She was known for doing Pepsi and would let guys finger her and she had sex in the club several times with customers and would be snorting Pepsi. She would routinely give blowjobs there. Funny how she doesn’t mention any of that and tries to portray herself as some sort of professional.


She moved to Seattle to try and get away from the reputation as an easy to lay Pepsi snorting floozy. She was also known around downtown Austin for being a floozy and would go and screw guys just to get into certain bars/clubs that had no name bands playing gigs. You might also want to ask her about abortions. She may know a thing or two about that.

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