Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Penticton

Dave Lawrence Martel β€” Meet Dave Lawence Martel 🀣🀣

Dave Lawrence Martel β€” Meet Dave Lawence Martel 🀣🀣

Pentictons number one grease bag Dave! Frequently spotted in your ladies DMs. Message this goof troop about it and he will just read the message. How many times have I heard stories about him hitting on underage girls? Welp to many times to count on your fingers and friends. Never have I ever met a greaser sack of sh1t in my life. Get a life Dave and when someone calls you out and sees you on a street be a man instead of longboarding off and hiding behind a tree. Never have I ever met such a sack of sh1t of a human being and I’ve known you since kindergarten. When a woman says no. It means not to force them into a room and try and rape them. Bout time you are put on blast you ugly sack of sh1t.

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