Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Penticton

Dave Lawrence Martel — Meet Dave Lawence Martel ??

Dave Lawrence Martel — Meet Dave Lawence Martel ??

Pentictons number one grease bag Dave! Frequently spotted in your ladies DMs. Message this goof troop about it and he will just read the message. How many times have I heard stories about him hitting on underage girls? Welp to many times to count on your fingers and friends. Never have I ever met a greaser sack of sh1t in my life. Get a life Dave and when someone calls you out and sees you on a street be a man instead of longboarding off and hiding behind a tree. Never have I ever met such a sack of sh1t of a human being and I’ve known you since kindergarten. When a woman says no. It means not to force them into a room and try and rape them. Bout time you are put on blast you ugly sack of sh1t.

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