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Dave Batson Predator at the gym

Dave Batson Predator at the gym

He’s a married man with two kids and Go to the gym to pray on women that are vulnerable. Cars with friendly conversations then to the trashing of their husbands and telling everybody that he’s getting a divorce. And that he sleeps in the Basement and him and his wife see other people. But it’s a lie because he sleeps in the basement bc he works nights sometimes. He will bring you to his moms duplex where he will try and fuck you with his little dick and just wants to cuddle afterwards. Promising you everything and telling you how bad ass he is and he will kick your husbands ass. But he’s such a cheap ass he won’t even buy you a coffee you have to pay for your own. He’ll try to show off his house and bring you there to fuck when the kids are in school and the wife is at works. But as soon as The husband finds out pussis out like a little bitch and moves on to the next one.
Meanwhile he’s very verbally abusive to his wife and children are scared of him. His wife is so scared that she is convince the cheating is her fault for not being a good enough wife

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