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Darren Ambler/Prostitute/Liar/Sociopath/Herpes Carrier/Sex & Drug addict/Illegitimate children/Unfit parent/Sociopath/Brain damage.

Darren Ambler/Prostitute/Liar/Sociopath/Herpes Carrier/Sex & Drug addict/Illegitimate children/Unfit parent/Sociopath/Brain damage.Darren Ambler…………….aka…..Con Man………..Demented Darren…Busted Balloon….Liar..Liar is a demented fraud Lying SEX ADDICT, DRUG ADDICT, HERPES INFECTED EVIL CREEP who lives at 12 WESTBURY Drive in Cherry Hill, NJ. Darren has serious mental problems and an unusually severe Drug and Sex addiction problem. Darren is a Dork and a very boring person. He probably never had a Girlfriend his entire youth due to lack of Looks, Self Esteem, Being Odd, and having horrible Garbage breath. Darren is very Immature and childish for a man of 42 years old. Darren is a Pharmacist for Express Scripts/Cigna in New Jersey. A bad profession for a Drug and Sex addict. He should have his License stripped and taken away. Darren had no common sense and has brain damage from drug abuse.
Darren is Dishonest, Foul, has No Class or Etiquette, Zero Morals and he is a Excellent Con Artist Creep. Also, He is quite homely, has a Gross body, no personality and has a bad inferiority complex which is Understandable. Just looking in the mirror must be a horror for Darren Ambler. Darren has probably screwed 100 women over the past few years. He is desperate for anyone dumb enough to sleep with the GROSS Creep. He is clueless and lives in his own Fantasy world. Darren also abuses the Internet and Sex and Dating web sites. His favorite form of entertainment is watching Porn He is a “Busted Balloon” in bed and has ZERO Below the belt. He needs facial surgery and enlargement surgery. Darren is a useless dork creep that corripts society and spreads nasty disease and infections. No one Normal or Sane would give this LOSER the time of day.
Mr. Ambler has a Foul mouth and quite Abusive to females. He has bi sexual tendencies. Darren is Jealous of any man with ample assets which is understandable. Darren is not a man but a immature coward obsessed with SEX and DOPE. His favorites are COCAINE, HEROIN, WEED, ACID and PILLS. Being a Pharmacist Darren has access to many drugs. He forced his filthy drugs on many of his SEX partners prior to SEX. Darren Ambler’s game is to control people to his advantage. He is a HATED and UGLY Person. Darren would Lie to anyone and keep a straight face.
A very worthless, loser who is Selfish and lives for self gratification and Screwing anything that breathes. Darren Ambler seduced and abused Mindy Murray. Megan Bentzley Watermute, Angie Parsons, Natalie Becerra, Alina W. Darren Ambler also enjoyed a sex relationship with George Parsons. Darren enjoyed THREESOMES, Bondage and Sick Sadistic SEX. Darren has children that should be removed from his CARE Immediately. Prostitute Liars addicted to DOPE make for very BAD Parents.
Darren Ambler has screwed and forced SEX upon Prostitutes, Married women, Divorced women, Grandmothers, Old maids, Teenagers and also Men when the mood hits him. Darren acts like an immature girl when he is EXPOSED for the SCUM bag that he really is. Darren can’t handle the TRUTH. Most Liars and addicts can not handle TRUTH. He is a Low down Scum PIG that is obsessed with SEX, Lying and plenty of Drugs and Booze. Darren has been EXPOSED on line and the world is aware about him and his sick Lifestyle. Darren beat poor Megan Watermute many times after SEX. Darren forced drugs on the poor girl and treated her like a SEX slave. Mindy Murray wants no part of this obsessive ugly scum but Darren can not accept this. Mindy has someone and wishes Darren would disappear forever. He has made a total fool out of his ugly self. Mindy agrees Darren is a FAILURE in bed and in LIFE. A sick screwed up addict with no looks, body or self worth. A LOSER.
Darren should be placed in a Mental Hospital for treatment then put in Jail for the things he has done. Engaging in prostitution is a Criminal Offense. Spreading his filthy Herpes is against the Law also. Treating women like sex objects and degrading them can be punishable also. This creep must answer for what he has done. Darren has infected at least 40 women with HERPES and Chlamydia. Herpes in not curable. Darren lives in denial. He is a bad human being and an immoral one.
If you screw, lie, abuse women and others than you must PAY for your wrongs. Darren Ambler ruined his own reputation. He must stop blaming others for his wrongful actions and indecent behavior because everyone knows. Darren is even a bigger joke and fool naked. Completely GROSS and Underdeveloped. Darren’s Internal organs are rotted from Sex infections and Evil in his body. He is an Indecent, Immoral Low life with ZERO CLASS or Manners. Darren has blasted many of his former SEX Partners on various Internet web sites. That has been verified. The Games are over for Darren “Demented” Ambler. Even the POLICE know all about Darren Ambler. Darren is true WT and Trailer Park material. Has nothing to offer anyone. His breath would knock anyone dead. It is ok for Darren to defame others but if you do it to him he can not handle it. TRUTH is the TRUTH Darren must accept that. Darren chose to lead the life of a low down male prostitute and dope addict.
If Darren Ambler approaches you for SEX or a Date call POLICE. All he wants is Dirty Pornographic SEX and to do DRUGS. He is a lowest form of scum. An UGly scum. No wonder his former wife took off. Who could stand Darren Ambler. No one. He is the biggest FOOL that ever lived. The scum will pay for what he has done to others. He belongs in JAIL………….Screwing hookers and Grandmothers is what sicko does. Darren is a sicko. Darren also engaged in Male Prostitution and his clients were very unhappy with the services. The Police aare also aware about Darren’s prostitution practices and lifestyle. So much PROOF exists of his indiscretions , lies and drug usage. Darren Ambler is HIGH 90% of the time. He even becomes more abusive when he is flying high on dope. Darren has even Raped at least 2 former lovers. He has several illegitimate children and several former partners had abortions after Darren impregnated them. These women did not wish to give birth to a freak baby. Darren Ambler is a FREAK.
Low life SEX addicts serve no purpose but to corrupt society and the young. Darren should NEVER be trusted around children either. Darren is unpredictable and when those SEX urges take over who knows what this PIG SEX addict might to?? He may fondle children also. Darren has serious mental problems and an addictive personality. BEWARE……………..Stay away from this DANGEROUS AND TOXIC POS UGLY CREEP: HIS BREATH CAN BE DETECTED AT LEAST A MILE AWAY. DARREN HAS BULGING EYES ESPECIALLY WHEN HIGH. ZERO PERSONALITY AND WEIGHS ABOUT 140 SCRAWNY POUNDS. TOTTALY GROSS AND SICK. HE LOVES ORAL SEX, BONDAGE AND ANAL SEX. ANYTHING SICK AND DEGRADING DARREN ENJOYS. SOME ON LINE ARTICLES HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED COMPARING DARREN AMBLER TO THE DEVIL/ LUCIFER.

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