Belleville Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Darrell Snyder — Thief Lier Druggie Drunk Falldown

Darrell Snyder — Thief Lier Druggie Drunk Falldown

Well well well… Look who made the dirty! He belongs in here with the rest of the pond scvm. Apparently this a55hole has a daughter he never sees or communicates with. He acts like big sh1t cuz he was in the pen for a bit but was there b1tch. Facts. He steals from friends and grinds on there girlfriends when not home. He claims he works but just collects a cheque but acts like hea got a big time job. He went around blaming me and his other exs on why he never got to see his child when he CHOSE not to see her. I sent his baby mom 100 to help. Hes useless and doeant give a fuk about anything but his “reputation ” hes a weasel and a coward. Whatch your girlfriends and your stuff when hes around. He hits and abuses his girlfriends when he feels hes loosing control. Hes been charged. . FACTSSS³

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