Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Regina

Darcy Kyryluik And Cera Leader Wanna Be Gangstas

 Clearly should have put Sara’s name first because she runs the show. (Cera? Who spells their name like that? Kinda like making up your own Nick name isn’t it? It’s spelt Sara, says on your diploma.) Anyway, Darcy is her little b*tch. Does whatever she wants. She has the biggest mouth ever. Thinks she’s some sort of mob wife, but is really just a joke. This chick is a clown. Thinks she is hard, but could never hack it on her own. Always trying to get other girls to do her dirty work. She’s a Facebook gangster. Has Wu-Tang tattoos all over her legs, but to tattoo those legs with a classic hip hop group is nothing short of disrespectful. She’s gross. Not just her looks, but her whole personality. B*tch can hardly name a Wu-tang Track. She has kids all over the place. Amazes me anyone would f*ck her, let alone have a child with her. She takes better care of her dogs she breeds than she does of her kids. Those poor things. Then she pawns them off on the weekend so she can party. Now for her man. Big Darcy Kyryluik (Eastview Rida). Grow up you goof b*tch. You think your a big deal hanging out at 4 Seasons like you own the place. Walking around in support gear like you’re some heavy hitter. Big gold chains. Wanna be ganster. You’re a nobody. You get told it to your face too…and what do you do? Nothing. You Darcy are softer than baby sh*t. Moved out to White City, spending money all over the place but never works…???. Your fat a*s woman with some entry level job and you guys spend money like your printing it… Oh and best of all….we know you’re quick on the phone to call the cops when you get scared…. Can’t handle your own shit. Keep slanging G. Won’t be long before you and that? are picked up. Hope the cops bring a fork lift to pick up Sara, they are going to need it. Ps. You’re looking fat too. ?

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