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Cody Graber — This Guys A Scam Artist!

Cody Graber — This Guys A Scam Artist!

This pathetic excuse of a man will confidently say with a smile that he can reliably fix your vehicle at an affordable cost but then he will leave your truck in the lot for months to get snowed on, use sub par parts, over charge you for cheaply built parts and if you get an engine swap he will pass off a sh1tty broken one for a perfectly good engine You supplied him. He’ll treat you like your stupid if you question any of his work. He will also offer to help fix his mistakes however he will probably end up ignoring your texts… and calls.. and even snapchats although he spends most his time on his phone or with his thumb up his a55 instead of working. AND if he does do any work he has his poor shop rat do it for him without any guidance. All in all if you want your vehicle fixed SAFELY at a good rate do not go to PrO Performance in Edson.

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