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Clint Herzog — Deranged Dentist

Clint Herzog — Deranged Dentist

Nik- This guy is a real piece of work. He started the Floss Dental chain in Dallas in the early 2000’s until he ran it into the ground and ended up being sued by his investors. While in Dallas he got his side chick pregnant and promptly divorced his wife and left his 2 kids and baby momma for Austin. While in Austin he quickly moved in with a new girl got her pregnant and started running his Floss scam again. He raised over a $1MM to open Floss locations but was all a scam to support his Pepsi lifestyle. He is now involved in multiple fraud lawsuits in Austin. In the mean time he got pulled over for DUI and the cops found some Pepsi and other party favors on him, all public record. Not to be detered he leaves his Austin girl and newborn for a new Miami chick he’s shacked up with. He literally left Austin in the middle of the night. Be careful Miami Clint is a pure con artist with a silver younger

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