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Claire Leal — Attention Slore

Claire Leal — Attention Slore

This dirty b1tch claims to be single for 5 years when she was just dumped by Ramirez guy a few months back. She’s a fake b1tch acting like a great mother with values pfft. Don’t got a job besides laying on her back looking for older guys to send her money, taking pictures of herself all damn day, and making sex videos in the laundry room and bathroom while her kids are running around the house lol worthless. This dirty a55 b1tch claims to be classy, what a joke! How? Where? She is on all these sites, you have to pay to see her worthless a55 worship herself all day and on regular pages crying about how depressed she is and her anxiety problems. Personally I’d be depressed if I didn’t have a job and stayed home all day video taping myself play with dildos for strange old creepy guys on the internet to jack off to. Get a job and a life quick sucia and stop embarrassing your productive family. Stop sayin you are classy when all you are is trashy. If you want to see what a narcissist looks like go to her Facebook page peep her albums, they are all of herself and like one of her family and friends. This b1tch needs help and needs to stop posting 20 photos of the same lame a55 pics, same poses, with captions that have nothing to do with the pic and her tits hanging out in everyone. B1tch get over yourself! Just because these thirsty old ugly guys give you a little attention don’t mean you are all that lol you are a pathetic hoe who needs to make a little more money to afford some new bras and panties, she takes pictures in the same ones all the time for the last idk 5 years lol karma is a b1tch, ain’t it? And ya wear contacts ya eyes ain’t blue dumb b1tch stop faking the funk.

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