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Christopher Hahn — Scandalous Shop Owner Threaten’s,Steals Cars & Keep People Money!!!

Christopher Hahn — Scandalous Shop Owner Threaten’sSteals Cars & Keep People Money!!!

Christopher Hahn in Pflugerville,Texas owner of South West Ridin A.K.A. Christopher Horne blocks customers after he receives there $payments saying that he will keep there Car’s & goods? Fuks his sister & puts her on the street’s for $$$$ because of his business is a fail as he owes people money forcing him to move ever 6-months leaving a trail of pissed off customers with unfinished products. Claims to a Hacker because he runs a website? He dose not have any Brand New ones in his shop. He $buys old rusty wire wheels from local pages,spay paint them black & put new tire’s on them & mocks them up 400%. He doesn’t sent any W2 forms to own his own employee’s trying to keep from paying the IRS & then denying that person worked for him facebook after that employee has video of them working at South West Ridin & running the shop last year when Christopher Hahn was out of town. Christopher Hahn threatens people to keep there car’s after they had for for the work witch was not provided in the timely matter. People have been calling him out his shandy ways as seen sanding a car down with wood sander on shop page. Watch out for this snake as hes is a real smooth talker to take your hard earned money & re-posting your wheels for $sell the next day on facebook groups. He has burnt people is Las Cruces New Mexico,Las Vages,Phoenix Arizona,Austin Texas just to name a few place’s were this South West Ridin likes to pop-up a tent only to get your $$$ & move the next day. Christopher Hahn has few felonies witch is why he can’t get a normal job & like to hustle people out of there hard earned money. This business owner had been kicked off many Lowrider facebook groups & is Banned from the Lowrider community as he is notoriously known for being a fraud.Will threatened members with attacks but run and hide when other members drive’s 448 miles to confront him face-to-face at his own place there in Pflugerville,TX as seen on youtube. Christopher Hahn you really Fuked with the wrong person this time & because of this your shop South West Riding will never be a successful business with your coward ways no matter how meany new fake facebook accounts you make you will be stay booted from the Lowrider groups. This 1st pic was taken last Saturday at McDonald’s drive-thru Pflugerville, Texas of Christopher Hahn A.K.A. Christopher Horne. We have eyes on you

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