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Chenelle Blom — Pepsi Head Nelle

Chenelle Blom — Pepsi Head Nelle

this is Chenelle Blom, further known as “porcelain queen” on Seeking arrangements due to her pale, nasty skin. I trusted this girl with my man; it was actually a mistake to trust them both.. but the night she met my boyfriend she hit on him right in front of me; basically told me she would steal him away from me. I understand both are in the wrong; but Chenelle has been needed to be called out for some time now. She uses people for her Pepsi addiction, she steals money from her customers as an escort, she is suicidal and unstable and after catching her in this she tries to bribe me with shoes. The audacity you have bit*** is real!! I hope to never see you around again or things will get quick real. You want to go behind my back and prove you are the skank people say you are.. you’ve got nothing going for you. I hope this opens up your eyes and makes you realize they’res consequences to all actions. And I’m ready for mine…. you deserve to be on here more then anyone. Go find another man to steak and beg to come running to your place for free drugs and a lay. You make me sick. You want to set me up as a sugar baby yet you’re a legit escort who claims she won’t take anything less then $1,000 from a guy. Who would pay you that much?! Get real. Always bragging about the men you sleep with and have tried to convince me to take the easy way out as well… never will I stoop to your disgusting level. Good luck in life; you truly need it.

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