Cheapest scum, cheater, liar in New Jersey- Brian Kwak

This shameless cheater, scum Brian Kwak is familiar cheat females around his workplaces so far, He relies on women for benefits. Marriage only for his getting the US citizenship. He cheat many women sex relationship and money. He is PUA and skilled cheater, he cheats from the beginning of his marriage on 16 years ago with his older 5 years wife Jung Eun. He continue to pretend single since then, cheat many women and sex with them and never take responsibility. He lie divorced, but he never split with his older wife, they live together at 24 Kiwanis dr, Wayne, NJ currently. This scum continue to cheat females sex and run away after fuck, no pay a dollar for hotel cost also. Cheapest scum, cheater !

This scum has STD and he is Penis trap. His Penis is short and he never man up like a man even he already mid of 40s. He is mother fucker. He always claim his wife infertility.

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