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Charmange D. McKinney — Manipulative Scammer

Charmange D. McKinney — Manipulative Scammer

This woman is a huge manipulator who will do anything for money. She’s been broke and nearly homeless for over a decade and has been getting clever with ways to gain money. Everything from working at Hooters to faking a workplace injury involving getting hit in the head by a large bottle so that she can then sue her job. Nowadays she spends her time being a lonely hermit making videos on YouTube using fear mongering and bullying as a tactic to garner views and feed her ego for compliments and attention. She’s obsessed with other people’s eating habits, body types and the foods they eat. She accuses many of having eating disorders but she’s the one who spends all day judging and looking for reasons. She has no education to make diagnoses anyways. Makes you question who here is the sick one? The game she plays involves making up stories about people’s personal lives and then making her videos monetized on YouTube or redirecting people to her Patreon page so they can pay to hear her fake narratives. Keep in mind not a dime gets donated to a cause or organization even though she claims to care about the people she talks about.

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Darrel’s Daughter November 15, 2020 at 7:21 pm

I second this about Charmagne D Mckinney. She’s messed up


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