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Charity Lynn Donaldson Shadwell And Nathan Leeper

Charity Lynn Donaldson Shadwell And Nathan Leeper

Chairty And Nathan Leeper are very jealous of Sam Columbine a/k/a Anthony Samuel and they harass him and sends him death threats on Instagram acting like that Anthony wants his fat fake pregnant girlfriend Chairty Lynn Shadwell yes! Nathan Leeper is an ugly aids victim drug addict looking homeless b*****d that creeps out at the central christian church that dumpster fire Chairty was pretending to be pregnant and nobody in their right minds would never have sexual relations with that retarded hepatitis carrying s**t she doesn’t even know whose the father of her year old son Kegan is and acting like she’s the mother of the year she doesn’t even have custody of him [Toby Scott] isn’t the daddy of that kid either Charity brainwashed Toby that’s her puppet and she controls me he gets all hyped up thinking he’s getting him back ?‍♂️ Chairty refuses to get a DNA test done… other tea Charity is trying to twist her lies around claiming that Anthony said she has stomach cancer no she was “pretending” to have “stage 2 stomach cancer” 5 years ago and lied about being pregnant and rape by her stepfather ‘Christopher Bennett’ and lying about him forcing her to get an abortion, lied about almost being choked to death by her biological father ‘Glenn Shadwell’ she would send Anthony pictures of her stepsisters toddler daughter in a dog cage with no clothes on just a dirty diaper.

More true facts about Chairty Lynn Donaldson Shadwell she’s is involved in child p*********y and blackmail of an 15 year old Texas girl she created a child s*x trafficking website of the minor she’s been blackmailing for the last year on the website server manwhile Chairty claims it’s all lies when it’s true she was busted.

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