Alberta Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Chantal McNab — Pretending To Be Someone She Isn’t.

Chantal McNab — Pretending To Be Someone She Isn’t.

 Another dirty slore from Westlock Alberta. Ex stripper with a low self esteem and high addiction. When this low class white trash bag of sh1t isn’t neglecting her role a mother she is out performing sexual favours for the lonely desperate divorcees of Westlock and having threesomes with married men. When she isn’t fuking someone else’s husband. She is snorting pepsi of the back of a toilet seat in the Boston Pizza bathroom. But hold on! She thinks she’s a successful business woman because she peddles insurance and investments for WFG. That’s who’s hands I’m gonna put my financial future in. The pepsi out delinquent mother who fuks for drugs.

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