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Cassandra Johnson — Be Aware Of This

Cassandra Johnson — Be Aware Of This

Be Aware Of This POS has multiple kids which she doesn’t have custody of.” RED FLAG” She dated my best friend cheated on him, keep in mind he’s 11 years younger, because anyone her age would run for the hills. He fell in love with all her lies , moved in with her and left when she cheated on him. Oh it gets better, then she went after him for child support for someone’s else kid because the biological father is a meth head and cant rub two pennies together. Yes family law allows this BS to happen. My buddy was devastated, she cried for him to come back and she would change and not screw anyone this time and she picked out a ring and wanted to get married. He spent 12 G on the ring and she said yes , the following day she Said she couldn’t do it and left again to screw someone again and as he pleaded for her to stay and talk. He took his life that night, and while the family grieved and wanted his stuff so she wouldn’t have anything . She quickly hid everything and cashed his income tax while he was deceased. If ur son says they are dating this old dirty sloot, be very careful… she has destroyed countlesss life’s and needs to be stopped Complete scvmbag.

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