Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Dallas

Carina Carrasco — Dallas Homewreaker Slore

Carina Carrasco — Dallas Homewreaker Slore

just wanted to get the word out about this dirty Dallas little sloot Carina. She will fuk just about anyone who shows her attention. Guys this your warning. She is a covert narcissist with severe depression and self-esteem issues. Carina is a cheating drd slore who sleeps with every guy who gives her attention or buys her a drink and loves to ruin people’s relationships. This bitch is gross! she spreads like butter; she thinks sleeping with married men is attractive. She goes after men who have a relationship because she thinks so bad no one wants her. She’s nothing but a slore and a Nasty gutter baby, look you’ll try to leave her, and she’ll come crying to your doorstep, manipulate you, cry and pull some stupid a55 sh1t. It is just to rope you back in, I promise you nothing will change. I guarantee this to you. Educate yourself on covert narcissism. Save yourself and stay away. Honestly if you don’t, you’ll learn the hard way. She tried to hold onto me so hard with her sick sht. She even faked a pregnancy. There is no limit to the hurt she will put on you and no limit to what she will do. I am glad I was able to see her true colors before it was too late. Now that she is single you will start seeing her in bars in uptown trying to get a free drink or a meal. If you want a free fuk. Hit her up and buy her a drink easy as that.

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