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Candice Matthews — I’d The Shadiest Slore Of Belleville By Far..

Candice Matthews — I’d The Shadiest Slore Of Belleville By Far..

This slore is so desperate she will drop her drd covered pants for anything and will even literally try to fuk your man right infront of you while your even talking to him. She has absolutely no boundaries, decency or any respect what so ever and the saddest part is she is proud of it. She lost her kids, her dog and her appartment all within like the same month because shes the exact definition of a drunk junkie. She looks/moves like a zombie because shes always so fvcked up off whatever drugs she did that day and drinking so much.. she did not acknowledge her kids at all it was so bad her kids didnt even want to be in her care. It was her daughter herself that called CAS asking to be taken away from her fall down junkie “mother”… Sad…. Shes been couch hoping every night but her junkie a55 steals whatever she can from the person that was nice enough to let her stay, risking catching her dads (and who knows what else they could’ve caught). She gets kicked out of each place so quick she doesnt have time to ever shower or do laundry so she is constantly re-wearing all the nasty underwear & pants that she leaves a nasty, huge actual snail trail in. She always has a lingering sour/rotten smell to her. Shes absolutely disgusting I would hate to see how long the list of all the DRDs she has is. I would still be afraid of being withing 500 ft of this nasty slore even with a full hazmat suit on.

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