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Candace Morgan Lydia Haines — Crazy Candace Morgan Lydia Haines

This slore here Candace Morgan Lydia Haines is all over several dating apps meeting guy after guy willingly having sex with them on the 1st date, then when you get sick of all her lies and drama she calls the cops on you and says you raped her! She is a bipolar psychopath loser! You can’t believe a word she says they’re all lies, she claims she has several vehicles, jobs and all kinds of fairy tales but really she is a fuking loser and scvmbag, she has no job, she lives with her parents and rides the bus like the sad sack of sh1t loser that will never amount to anything that she is! She trolls peoples facebooks and steals there pictures for her fake Facebook accounts and she has at least a dozen fake accounts on Facebook, she lives around the 500 block of spryfield and is nothing but a sh1t disturber and drama queen, avoid this useless piece of sh1t before she steals your pictures or infects you with her nasty fishy pu55y that’s full of DRDs, shes short fat and literally looks like a troll doll, her nudes are the next pics going online hahahahahaha

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