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Bryanna Shelby Phaneuf — Abusive, Lying Stealing A55, Fake Drd B1tch

Bryanna Shelby Phaneuf — Abusive, Lying Stealing A55, Fake Drd B1tch

Be careful with this gross a55 Bipolar psychotic h0e Bryanna Shelby Phaneuf, she’s a fake ugly skank who needs surgery to make her ugliness go away not to mention her fake lips or huge a55 mole on her lip but you can’t see with the pounds of makeup she puts on her face to cover her acne, wash your pu55y, face, and maybe your back once in awhile because of all the acne gf or go on drd pills Because it really shows on your face and vagina. she will be besties with you just to fuk you over , steal your clothes and from stores and try fuk your man, worst to mention this girl is out here selling her C00chie because she can’t keep a real government job Because all she does is get fired just like her correctional job That she lied about to the government said she was Métis to get free funding cause she’s a poor a55 b1111tch but is out here fuking drug dealers and on top of that date her you’ll catch a transmitted drd like she gave almost all her other ex’s or end up killing you because she’s fuking crazy due to Un wired brain, she’s inside a little insecure girl who wants to die. She has wrecked vehicles And smash Every guy she sees, your property She will wreck. attacks you with knives then make Ps you her next target For the next things and plays the pitty role when she’s the biggest fuk up ever there was a reason why her mother abandoned her at 3 years old then proceeds to call her just for money When she was a teenager (YIKES)watch out because she’s a straight up fuking snitch too go to the cops about anything. She’s a cheater will spit in your face and is compulsive liar about her age, where she born, Or what she is ALL about. Be careful because her boobs aren’t even big because she needs to put two bras on or stuffs them to make her feel like the shiT because she’s so insecure about her self hence all the edited pictures. She talks like a ratchet Because she’s actually from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and always tries to fight people because she’s too fuked in the head, I wouldn’t doubt it one day if she beat her own child or left them.

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