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Briana -This bitch is a puppy scammer

Briana is-This bitch is a puppy scammer… Briana is MONEY HUNGRY!!! Briana cheated on my brother and now Briana has std/hurpies/warts/drds/ads…she never cleans her self and trust me when I say she’s the biggest hoe/whroe/slut…she’s always taking about her ex Andrew… bitch takes all Alex money and leaves him with nothing… this bitch want to tell me to kill my self clearly your life is drama cuz look at you… GOOO LOSSE SOMEEE WIGHT BRIANA COTE AMD STOP CHEATING ON ALEX YOU DAMM UGLY DONEKY LOOKING FACE… GO RENT A treadmill YOU FAT COW… BRIANA GO TO THE FUCKING GYM AMD LOSE THAT WIGHT😂😂😂😂 AND BECAREFUL HER CRABS WILL JUMP OUT AT YOU😂😂😂AND STOP TOUCHING LITTLE KIDS AND TELLING THEM TO PULL DOWM THEIR PANTS YOU NASTY FUCK… AND STAY THE FUCK IN YOUR LANE…AND BE CAREFUL SHE WILL TEY TO STEAL YOUR THINGS SO BE CAREFUL… AND STOP CHEATING ON ALEX WHEN HES AT WORK YOU DUMB CUNT😂😂KEEP JUMPING TO DICK TO DICK YOU DIRTY BITCH… GO SHOWER BRIANA YOU STINK LIKE RANK FISHHHHH

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