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Brendan Cowan — Roid Head

Brendan Cowan — Roid Head

Hey Nik! This right here is Brendan the roid head He’s been dating his girlfriend Victoria for a while and CHEATING on her. He cheated in the beginning of the relationship and he was recently dating another girl while still with his girlfriend!!! He can’t even deny it because so many people know and are talking about it hahaha. He thinks he’s untouchable but he’s very dumb but that’s because all of the STEROIDS he takes and LIES about! He’s a body builder and acts so tough because he’s a security guard at a PUB what a joke! He must be over compensating for the fact he has a little wang. He cheats on all of his girlfriends and I’ve heard that he’s gay and thats probably true because he always slides in other people’s inboxes and claims it’s because they workout ! He has 18k followers on insta but hey so would I if I suked d1ck and messaged women the way this guy does! This chick must be pathetic or desperate to want to stay with a guy like him or who knows maybe she’s dumb and so is the other broad he’s a loser and so is anyone who gets involved with him he’s nasty little troll and probably has multiple DRDs.

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