Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Kingston

Brandi Chalmers — Ontario Freshest Sewer Rat

Brandi Chalmers — Ontario Freshest Sewer Rat

  Brandi Savannah/ Chalmers is kingstons freshest nasty bich who like to fck everyone’s mans. close your legs fishy I smell you over here, ew yuck? this sewer rat will act tough and try and pull a stunt but as soon as you hit her back the first person she calls for back up is 911 this bich threw statements left and right and was so happy to tell everyone that she did and that shes a rat gooffy pussy bitch that cant deal with her sht and lie about it you needs mental help? you inconsiderate skunk?? maybe dont act like you the queen of this hunny you ain’t seen nothin.

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