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Benjamin James Anderson — Dirty Narcissistic Crack Addict

Benjamin James Anderson — Dirty Narcissistic Crack Addict

This loser piece of sh1t crackhead abuses women, cheats, does not know how to tell the truth and does crack, meth whatever he can get his hands on. He will bang anything and everything He never works just lives off women. His dirty d1ck got a DRD and gave it to me. James Anderson your a pig loser junkie. He has started family number 4 with his next whore conquest and his bastard son at age 50 and has well over 15 kids all of which he does not support. His dirty d1ck has been in and out of dirty pu55y and this womanizer piece of sh1t crackhead loser will never change. He is a hardcore junkie and cares only about getting laid, drugs and fuking over women. He treats women like garbage and verbally mentally and physically abuses them. His newest conquest Trina has his bastard son another woman in Calgary has a kid from this crackhead loser, his first wife has 4 second 3 and others with random sloots. James has already cheated on his current slore and will continue to cheat lie bang anything that is dumb enough to drop their dirty panties for him. I hope your d1ck falls off and someone shoves it down your lying dirty Narcissistic Crackhead mouth. Good luck Chicky Poo you are going to need it with this loser

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Brenda Stock-Imeson June 25, 2020 at 6:53 pm

Do they put my full name and email address on the post cause if they do then please don’t post it as ii thought this site protected my information like the dirty site

Brenda June 28, 2020 at 5:44 pm

Some one sure nailed James Anderson ass to the wall and it’s about time. I love it ladies…Whoever this person is spoke the truth every single word

Donna July 12, 2020 at 12:41 am

I have spent the last few days doing some research on James Anderson talking to alot of people putting all the pieces together and I thought about whether it is my place to say something or to let him continue treating women like objects. Honestly this needs to be said because he certainly will not admit to anything because he seems to think it is always the women’s fault. He has a way to make you feel powerless, weak and unworthy. James is such good manipulater that he has you second guessing yourself and making you feel like your crazy. I know this because I dated James Anderson in 2008 to 2009 and he is not the man everyone thinks he is. James at first comes across very charming, caring, loving and a smooth type of man. He will treat you pretty good, and will portray to be the perfect boyfriend. Everybody seems to like him including your friends and family. He connects with you on a very intimate level. He goes for women who have low self esteem maybe they were in a abusive relationship before you met him and like me he will all sorts of horrible things about his ex and how she treated him says is ex was crazy and controlling and had no appreciation for him and nothing he did would please her. Like me you believe them and you even feel sorry for him. He now has you hating is ex then throws in that she is a liar and maybe even a little dangerous so it is a good idea you do not talk to her or believe anything she says to you. In fact he will say just stay away from her. He does that so you will not call her. If you are anything like me I really wanted to call and asked her how she could treat him like that but ofcourse he now he has me a little scared because of all the lies he told me. Then little by little he starts tearing you down. James has a motive for everything he does. With me he was looking for a safe place for his 4 kids from a previous marriage to visit. A place where he can see his kids play dad and his ex wife would be ok with that because he had a pretty solid and decent new girlfriend in his life. He picks women who usually have good jobs, goes to church, is well respected in her neighborhood and in her community, she may even have kids of her own. Almost always she is blonde and willing to do anything to make this guy happy. Do not let that fool you! He cheated, lied did drugs manipulated me in so many ways by making me feel like I was the problem. He broke up with me during the winter of 2009 when he was working out of town at site because he was sleeping with one of the girls out there who turned out to be his next girlfriend. I then found out he had been cheating on me the whole time we were together with a girl who did drugs and partied with him. He then got together with the girl from site had two more kids but as I found out was cheating on her with the same girl almost the whole time they were together from 2009 until I believe 2018. This girl also has his child with him. I will not mention names but I can assure you that in cases like this when one woman is brave enough to come forward it is not too long before others start to step forward to. A girlfriend of mine saw a post of James on a shady web site and when she showed me that same post I clearly saw that he was still doing the exact same thing he did to me to other women. I have spent countless hours since my girlfriend showed me that post talking to people searching the internet and I found his name and several pictures of him on several different web sites including porn. His name came up in Calgary, Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Red Deer. His name appears on this site so many times by several times women so really James it is all us women who screwed you over right? Do you actually believe that? Did you ever consider it could be you? All these women are lying James? Why because you are such a great catch? No everything posted in all the posts are true and there is more I stopped at these because I wanted to throw up. The only thing that might not be accurate is the number of children you have. I stopped counting at 11. To think how you made me feel about myself makes me sick. The things you said about your ex to me were bullshit horrible lies and mean. Now your on to the next girl who will believe your lies and bullshit. I am posting this everywhere I can James Anderson and I hope after posting this more women come forward and tell their story. You are a disgusting human being and you only care about two things yourself and your drugs. You have no idea what the word faithful means and you will always be a scum who uses women plays with their emotions and their lives then you go around and tell everyone how aweful it was for you. You are the true meaning of a Narcissisist lying manipulative cheating drug addict and it is all you will ever be. You have got away with this for years and you will never change. Your 50 and your life is made up of bullshit and lies,drugs and STDs good role model for your little girls. You take away our dreams and hope like we all meant nothing years James you have been doing this for god dam years and getting away with it. WHY because we have all let you. You play the victim but we are the victims here James not you. Your last ex has a post that she is a survivor of abuse from you. So here you are again looking for that decent solid girlfriend that maybe goes to church so you again have a place to see your two little girls right? You are a piece of work James Anderson, you will always be the guy who cheats, lies, manipulates and does drugs it is who you are and all you know. Your mother must be mortified at you James and you should be exposed as the lying, cheating, manipulating, drug addict loser that you are and always will be. Enough said ladies come forward and tell your story someone is always listening

Brenda July 12, 2020 at 3:07 am

Donna it’s Brenda please email me at and I will give you my number we really do need to talk

Donna July 4, 2020 at 9:56 pm

I can not believe James Anderson that you are on the dirty. That is what you get when you fuck women over. Everything in those posts are all true but the number of kids that may or may not be true. You fucked me over then spread rumors about me. You lied, cheated did drugs then tried to make me look like the crazy one. You prey on women who are vulnerable and have low self esteem. You come across all nice and pamper us until you see we are falling for you then you go for the throat. James Anderson you are a low life fucking scum bag and it is about time someone called you out on your bullshit. You are a narcissist loser drug addicted fuck up. I am sure your mom is so proud of you asshole. You find the quiet mousey church going kind of girl who is lonely to help take care of your kids you produce but can never seem to support and you always have a slut or two that you can screw and do drugs with. Those Sherwood Park girls must be pretty stupid and desperate to fall for your bullshit lies. She needs to check every porn site all the messaging apps, phone apps, email addresses you might have I found 2 email addresses and several porn sites you were on with your dirty dick to flash scum bag. Trina sweety you need to fucking run and fast because I know as I am pretty sure your last ex does James that you will never be faithful and you would not know the truth if it smacked you in that dirty fucking lying mouth. Hire someone to check him out Trina turn over every stone this guy is good but he is a compulsive liar, cheater, drug addict total loser. I am laughing my fucking ass off at you James finally caught sticking your dick in dirty pussy. That is one for us women that you used and fucked over!!!


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