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Benjamin Arthur Stayer, The Ultimate Player

Benjamin Arthur Stayer The Ultimate Player

Benjamin Arthur Stayer, The Ultimate Player. I gotta hand it to my boy Ben Stayer. He cheats and lies and fools and flies. My man is so brazen the mofo rocks un-tailored khaki pants and a vest while marrying the woman he cheated on and who he convinced he’s the victim. You know you a player when your soon-to-be-brother-in-law spends more time on his wardrobe than you the groom. I’ve seen this man dress more dapper for his sister’s athletic events. He said when he marries he gonna have his cake and eat it too and be comfortable while doing it. Benjamin Arthur Stayer I crown you champion player on the day you wed Kelly Elaine Barron. You worked behind the scenes and pulled off something unbelievable and proved you can play the field with impunity and have your cake at waiting at home. And to sign it off with a big “FV” to those who helped by stiffing us on your bill. Bravo Ben, you pathological lying sociopath.

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