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Ben Nichols — Scvm Bum Ben

Ben Nichols — Scvm Bum Ben

This guy here is a real piece of work, I let this guy and he was living out of his van, collecting EI. Huge red flag but I looked past that. As the sweet little things he did had stolen my heart. 2 months down the road he got a place but then his income ran out so decided to get a job. He got a decent well paying job and couldn’t even hold that down. He no showed with no notice then getting fired. All this “man” wants to do is make ends meat and get by working as little as possible “living life” well have fun at a standstill. I was honest with Ben from the start about having drd, he then proceeded to tell me he has HPV months down the road after we had not been using protection. He then was complaining about having sores on his d1ck. We both went and got tested we both came back positive with DRDs, I then caught him chatting up his ex girlfriends, careful ladies this ones a real catch 😉

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