Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Vancouver

Ava Aslani — This Chick Is Disgusting

Ava Aslani — This Chick Is Disgusting

 So I went to junior high with this chick, and several years we met up in Vancouver and we hooked up she gave me great head, but i wouldn’t fuk her nasty cov19 pu55y. I took pics of me busting my load all over her, still have the pic =P. then we go out to a club and i start chopping other girls and she leaves with a guy to make me jealous because i didn’t pay her any attention. this b1tch needs to be put on blast. She displays such a perfect life on her Facebook page with her husband and daughter as if her life so perfect, little do people know this girl is the biggest slut on the block. no ones envys your life, and we don’t care for you fake life that you portray to be a good loving wife, poor guy that married you doesn’t know how many people ran through you. hell i was in town and took me less then an hour to get a bj from you. lol

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