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AUDREY HARDEE Drunk, Meth Slore Who Fakes Dying

AUDREY HARDEE Drunk Meth Slore Who Fakes Dying

AUDREY HARDEE Drunk, Meth Slore Who Fakes Dying. This drunk junkie right here is Audrey Hardee!!!! morals are like condoms in her world…nonexistent! She loves to get shit faced drunk, shoot up meth and spread her legs to any man (men) willing to jump between them..take your turn or both have her at once she isn’t picky as long as your married, in a relationship or her roomates boyfriend! She has been claiming to be dying for the last 2 years, yet every night shes not only drunk but high on meth jumping on every d1ck she can .nothing comes before her addictions not even her child…yes she’s that vile..she had the nerve to fuk my husband ,break up my family then turn around and act like the victim. Your pity , whoa is me sob story is over slore and it’s time you show the world what a disgusting, trashy, drunk, dope slore you really are. You bragged about sleeping with my husband and wanted everyone to know to well here let me help spread the word like you spread your disgusting legs. I highly would suggest that any man desperate enough to get between her legs, get checked. She’s a walking track mark and reaks of booze, bad decisions and s3men.. make her famous everyone…shes more then earned it.

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