Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Prince George

Ashley Nicole Storozinksi — Absolute Snake In The Grass

Ashley Nicole Storozinksi — Absolute Snake In The Grass

Lieing, stealing, shady waste of air this one is. Pathological liar, to anyone doesnt matter who you are she will cheat steal and lie about you to anyone who will listen. Her daughter was taken away cuz shes a sht mom to the max, she does these shitty live cams and literally yells atbher daughter constantly on it. All while she lives off of mommy and daddy at their house. The disrespect is just atrocious, her parents have begged her to stop live caming and only fanning but she couldn’t care less, she also will sleep with bfs and husbands so watch out EVEN if shes your so called friend. She also has herpies and refuses to tell out for this snake in the grass.

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