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Ashley Marie — Scissor Hands Or Sl^T Hands?

Ashley Marie — Scissor Hands Or Sl^T Hands?

Lol she claims feisty yet she can’t handle life at any time. Constantly cheats on any man or woman she can trap. REGULARLY sleeps with other people’s husbands, doesn’t even matter if you’re friends or not it’s fair game. She pretends she has so much self respect but clearly unable to keep her legs closed so highly doubt it. Clearly has issues cause I haven’t seen anyone post such sad bullsh1t when they have nothing actually wrong. She’s currently banging a girls husband she was friends with, same guy she told absolutely everyone about being a white supremacist and that she witnessed him abusing his ex wife. She’s also claimed on many occasions being a mom was the worst mistake she ever made, she drinks around them non stop and drives drunk with them. This chick is a winner for sure. If you’re looking for a super sweet fake friend that’ll stab you in the back, sleep with your husband or wife, and spread lies about you then look no further! If you’re looking for an easy time and don’t care about the vag being pretty and getting cheated on non stop then look no further! Actually feel bad for her newest victim but really sounds like from everything Ashley told people about him that they’re perfect match. Best part is she tried to go after the current dudes wife which he has no idea about lol guess she couldn’t get the wife so went for the husband. She’s so nasty and gross *barf* Ashley Marie Cooke aka Ashley Scissor Hands aka A.Marie.Xox

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