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Ariel Foose — Meth Head Mom And Dumb

Ariel Foose — Meth Head Mom And Dumb

 So Ariel is a meth head mom who’s place got shot up while her son was in the house do to the drug seen her and her boyfriend are in she continues to put her son at risk her ex andrew heigh is a well known criminal with a bad temper and is a junkie he has custody of the kid at the moment Ariel continues to live her life of drug her son deserves better parents her new boy friend is a control freak/ playboy who knows what he has given her she thinks hes ready to change and start a life but when she’s not around goes to Edmonton and fuk chicks she needs to learn to wash the fish smell is strong with this one when she has her son she likes to pop pills and smoke meth around him ariel is a bottom feeder jumping from on drug d1ck to the next.

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