Arianne is da biggest liar of the centery

If anyon knos Arianne shes da biggest liar of da centery she sai she calld the cops on meh but! nop! she lied agai man shes so fuckin stupid. I beged her to sen me to jail but so far she havnt ! If nyones sees her in rea lif i woul call her the worls bigget liar so far im scott free i havnt been chargd yet she still lovs me to deat and shes so fuckin dumb the min she says she will calls da cops da nex min she baks out becaus she is havng secon thoughs abut me! she wil lie to veryone tha i hav abuse her but shes madly in lov with meh! Arinne u know u aian callin the cops on meh hahahaha u 2 time dar whor!

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